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Primer on Notable Common Drywall Types, Part 2

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the primary types of drywall available today. There are numerous variations of drywall out there, each of which have varying purposes and characteristics that might benefit your specific needs.

At Blue Dawn Drywall, we’re here to offer quality drywall installation, repair and painting services for any type of drywall you prefer in your home or business. In today’s blog, we’ll go over three other types of drywall that are slightly rarer in common applications, but still hold several benefits within your structure.

notable common drywall types

Purple Drywall

For those who are installing drywall in areas they know will be regularly exposed to moisture and water, purple drywall is often the way to go. It’s designed to look and feel almost the exact same as white board drywall, with the same sizing formats as well – only with far greater resistance to moisture, corrosion and mold.

For this reason, purple drywall is often used on ceilings and walls where moisture is often present. Bathrooms are common such locations, where steam and other forms of moisture will often rise and stick to the ceiling or walls. Purple drywall will resist and mold formation that might otherwise form on these areas, limiting your upkeep needs.

Soundproof Drywall

For home or business owners who require true sound barriers, there is a form of drywall called soundproof drywall. This format is far denser than standard formats, made from a combination of gypsum, wood fibers and various polymers that make it resistant to sound passing through.

A common group of people who often utilize soundproof drywall in their spaces? Musicians, who want to be able to insulate nearby neighbors or others from their loud music that plays regularly. It’s also sometimes found in family rooms or other household areas that have lots of noise, and in plenty of commercial applications where noise reduction is a priority.

Type X Drywall

Describing a type that’s made with noncombustible fibers, Type X drywall is your top choice when it comes to fire protection. It’s regularly used in garages, apartments and other areas where fire risks are possible, and comes in a few different thicknesses depending on the fire rating you desire. It should be noted that due to its increased thickness compared to other drywall types, Type X drywall is harder to cut and work with, and may be more expensive as a result. However, there are several building codes that expressly require Type X drywall, so it’s good to be familiar with it and understand how it works.

For more on the various types of drywall available, or to learn about any of our drywall repair or installation services, speak to the staff at Blue Dawn Drywall today.