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Drywall Cracks Signaling Larger Structural Issues

We’ve spent plenty of time in this space on drywall cracks and how to limit or prevent them, and with good reason. Many drywall cracks are due to simple wear-and-tear issues that can be prevented with the right level of attention, but those that do not receive this attention could worsen and become more serious problems.

At Blue Dawn Drywall, we’re happy to provide a combination of quality drywall installation and drywall repair services to ensure cracks are not an issue for you, whether large or small. And while many such cracks are simple to fix even if they do crop up, there are a few cases where drywall cracks of a certain type may actually signal a far more serious issue somewhere in your home. Let’s look at these more serious drywall crack cases and what they might be telling you.

drywall cracks larger structural issues

Structural or Foundational Issues

In some cases, especially if you’ve noticed several large, jagged cracks in a major section of your drywall, these cracks could be due to issues in your home’s base structure or foundation. The most common issue here is a foundation or building frame that has shifted over time, whether due to poorly compacted soil, natural disasters or some other reason.

And as anyone who has dealt with major foundation problems before can tell you, this is no small deal. Foundation cracks can lead to everything from pest infestation to major water and weather damage concerns, plus recurring cracks in your drywall. If you have even the slightest suspicion that drywall cracks are due to this issue, contact our pros for an inspection.

Installation Problems

In other cases, the problem at the root of the drywall cracks is poor installation from an unskilled contractor. This is a detailed process, one that requires skipping no steps and taking no shortcuts – but some contractors may attempt to do so to save a buck, sadly.

If you’ve noticed drywall cracks that don’t seem to be caused by other common culprits – things like leaks, structural problems or seasonal issues – then poor installation could be your answer, and it could create major further issues if not addressed. Contact our team about investigating the issue and determining whether repairs will solve the problem or new drywall installation is required.

Leak Concerns

Finally, if you’ve noticed drywall leaks that come with discolored sections or a spongy, damp condition in the area, this is a red flag for moisture and leak issues in the area. It’s vital to locate the source of the leak here in addition to fixing the actual crack, as the leak will simply return if you do not do this.

For more on the kinds of drywall cracks that may signal larger home issues, or to learn about any of the other services our drywall contractors provide, speak to the staff at Blue Dawn Drywall today.