Basement Finishing Soundproofing Tips and Value

For many who are finishing the basement in their home, noise and sound will be important factors in this process. Many finish a basement with the goal of transitioning it into a rental suite, a living area or even a home office, and soundproofing is often a major area of consideration for such circumstances.

At Blue Dawn Drywall & Paint, we’re proud to offer comprehensive basement finishing services for all our clients, assisting with everything from insulation and ventilation to drywall and paint areas. We’re also happy to provide basic tips on soundproofing and many of the benefits associated with it – here are several simple areas to be aware of in this realm, including the areas you might consider soundproofing and the quality level you’re going for.

basement finishing soundproofing value

Noise Barrier and Sound Ratings

For those wondering what soundproofing really does or the areas of a given home space that can or should be soundproofed, the answer lies in the realm of sound barriers. There are a variety of such barriers that can be utilized in a home, with much of this depending on how much noise enters the space to begin with – once this information is known, it’s much easier to determine the materials required for proper soundproofing.

Within this realm comes the presence of sound ratings, or how effectively a given material blocks out noise. A common basement finishing procedure with sound in mind, for instance, is utilizing basic sound barriers between the floor and ceiling to block noise from above – in these cases, moderate sound ratings are generally required.

Window Soundproofing

One major area that should be strongly considered if you’re soundproofing a basement is the windows present. Even when windows are closed, they present significant noise risks, especially for those on busy streets or who live in public areas.

And while part of this area will revolve around the glass and materials used for your windows, there are other soundproofing methods to consider here as well. Use heavy, dark curtains for windows, as these will dampen various sound inputs. In addition, seal off any openings using caulk. Finally, some consider adding drywall to these or other basement areas for excellent sound protection.

Other Sound Absorption Methods

For those looking to prevent basic echoes and sound reverberation, a simple method is to bring in more furniture. This will also help the area feel more inviting.

On top of this, do everything you can to seal the space from outside sound. Use caulking on any cracks or openings that are present, plus consider wall hangings and rugs to absorb sound. If you’re installing a new door in the basement, we highly recommend solid wood options that are known to dampen sound.

For more on soundproofing during a basement finishing project, or to learn about any of our drywall contractors or other services, speak to the staff at Blue Dawn Drywall & Paint today.