Primer on Notable Common Drywall Types, Part 2


notable common drywall types

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the primary types of drywall available today. There are numerous variations of drywall out there, each of which have ...

Choosing Between Screws and Nails for Drywall Fastening


choosing screws nails drywall fastening

When it comes to fastening several wood products or similar materials, including drywall, nails and screws are the two most common fasteners used. If you’re considering a new dry ...

Primer on Notable Common Drywall Types, Part 1


primer common drywall types

For both home and business owners alike, drywall is a versatile and useful product. A fantastic alternative to older forms of lath and plaster, drywall is used in numerous areas of ...

Common Reasons for Drywall Showing Cracks


home improvement

While drywall is a strong, durable material, like many others that are similarly reliable, it’s still prone to long-term wear-and-tear and other damage. When this sort of thing t ...

Options for Removing Mold From Drywall


options removing mold drywall

At Blue Dawn Drywall & Paint, we’re proud to be your go-to experts when it comes to drywall repair services. Whether one small section of your drywall needs repair or larger ...