Common Causes of Drywall Damage to be Aware Of

For homeowners, damage issues with drywall surfaces are a hassle for multiple reasons. Not only are they difficult to fix, you also worry about them reoccurring in the future if the solutions you find aren’t robust enough.

At Blue Dawn Drywall, we’re here to solve both these issues for you in a flash. Our drywall contractors are proud to offer professional drywall repair services for any and all drywall surfaces in your home or building, ensuring your surfaces stay in good quality and continue to serve their stated purposes. You can benefit your space here by knowing some of the causes of drywall damage and how to prevent them – here’s a general primer.

common causes drywall damage

Plumbing Leak Issues

Perhaps the single most common cause of broken or damaged drywall is water damage, which can infiltrate the material and cause several potential issues. The first precaution to take here is assessing your plumbing system and its age – if it’s older or wasn’t installed properly, leaks and water damage issues are almost certainly in your future, if they haven’t begun already.

In other cases, you may notice direct drywall issues that signal water damage. One such issue is bulging drywall, which often takes place in an area where a water line is hidden behind drywall and is leaking. Fixing this will require repairing the water line, then replacing or patching the drywall.

Cracking Issues

If you notice any cracks in your drywall, even small ones, contact our pros for an inspection and potential repair. Cracks may begin small, but they can quickly devolve into safety risks as they grow – do not ignore them.

Cracks often take place because drywall was installed improperly, which is why it’s important to come to reputable professionals like ours for these services to begin with. Cracking may also take place due to settling of the home.

Termites and Other Holes

Termites can cause issues in several areas of a home, including within the drywall. Termites will attempt to dig into drywall surfaces, often causing visible pinholes you can see. Other signs of termites include wood or paint damage or a hollow sound when you tap or knock on the wall.

Not all drywall holes are caused by termites, however. They can be caused by furniture impacts, doors blowing open, or even reckless children playing in the area. If you notice holes in your drywall, patching and repairing it quickly is vital to prevent additional cracks.

Fastening Problems

Finally, the tape likely used to attach your drywall during installation may loosen based on simple aging or moisture infiltration. You may notice drywall buckling, or nails popping through the wall due to this buckling taking place away from view. Do not attempt to hammer a nail back in if this is happening – you should call our team about removing the nail and finding the stud.

For more on the causes of damaged drywall, or to learn about any of our drywall installation or repair services, speak to the staff at Blue Dawn Drywall today.