Options for Removing Mold From Drywall

At Blue Dawn Drywall & Paint, we’re proud to be your go-to experts when it comes to drywall repair services. Whether one small section of your drywall needs repair or larger areas require it, we’re here to help with issues large and small.

We’re also on hand to lend our expertise for certain drywall areas that savvy DIY homeowners may choose to tackle on their own. One such area is mold on drywall, something that often happens in the bathroom, garage or other moisture-heavy areas – we’re happy to assist you in removing mold from drywall if you’re uncomfortable doing so, but we can also offer several home solutions if you want to take a crack at it yourself. Here are some tips.

options removing mold drywall

Water and Bleach

Particularly for mold that’s fairly recent, water and bleach is usually the best way to go. Just take a half-cup of bleach and combine it with roughly a quart of water, then mix the two up well and brush the solution into moldy areas. Mold should simply dissolve right as you’re doing this.

Once you’re done wipe down the surface to remove moisture – it’s often this excess moisture that leads to mold forming in the first place. Do not rinse the surface, as this creates even more moisture (plus, leaving bleach remnants helps kill mold spores that might be hiding).

Water and Vinegar

A similar solution, but one that avoids the harshness of bleach, involves using water and vinegar. You should combine these in equal parts for use on mold. Be aware, however, that this combination only works on just above 80 percent of mold spores – larger infestations might require something a bit more powerful.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is similar to bleach in many ways, and for this purpose can usually be used in roughly the same ways. However, it’s important to note that you should use far less of it – your solution should only contain about 3 percent hydrogen peroxide and 97 percent water.

We also recommend spot-testing this solution before covering a wall with it. This is because hydrogen peroxide can cause paint to fade. If you’re confident in your surfaces, however, let the solution sit for at least 10 minutes on the moldy areas before wiping down.

Household Detergent

There are several products sold specifically as mold removal agents, and you can usually find at least one or two at your local store. Do note, however, that some of these are only meant for black mold, a particular type of mold, and may not be as effective for others.


As a last resort, ammonia can be used for some cases of mold. Make sure any room you’re opening ammonia in is well-ventilated, as it can be toxic. Never use ammonia after bleaching the wall, as this will form a harmful gas.

For more on how to remove mold from your drywall, or to learn about any of our other drywall repair or installation services, speak to the pros at Blue Dawn Drywall & Paint today.