Drywall Installation

New Sheetrock Drywall InstallationDrywall, also known as Sheetrock, wallboard and “rock” by those in the industry, changed the way a home’s interior walls were covered.

Whether you’re building your dream home in Utah from the ground up or undertaking a renovation project, the drywall can make all the difference.

The quality of the material along with the expertise of the installation is what helps make your home safe, lasting and attractive. Drywall installers should be experts who know the correct length of the screws, how to offset the panels so that the seams meet evenly, and always keep an eye on wiring and pipes to avoid punctures.

Some homeowners try to tackle drywall installation themselves, but it’s usually best to leave it to the experts. Drywall sheets are heavy, making ceiling installation impossible for many DIYers. Drywalling is truly backbreaking work, especially with larger rooms or vaulted ceilings. It can also be dangerous, since drywall experts need to climb ladders carrying very heavy drywall sheets.

Having the right tools and the experience to work quickly and efficiently comes from training and years of working with this material. Drywall installers are also licensed and bonded in Utah, ensuring the end result is secure.

Quality Drywall Installation for Solid Foundations in Utah Homes

Just like the actual foundation of your home, all structures which hold your home up (including the walls and ceilings) should be of the best quality. Drywall is the foundation for your future “mudding” (the texture of the walls) and paint. As the wall and ceiling primer, drywall should be flawlessly installed and solid enough to last several generations. Experts move very quickly, and drywall is one of the fastest parts of a new building or “reno project” to be completed.

A quality installation makes filling in holes and prepping the drywall for mudding easier and faster. Immediately after drywalling, the top priorities become taping joints, sanding corners and ensuring seams are correctly aligned.

If drywall isn’t installed correctly, it will need to be replaced. Avoid this hassle and cost by getting drywall installed right the first time by an experienced drywall contractor. You can take a DIY approach to many home projects, but drywall isn’t one of them.