Drywall Mud & Tape


Achieve a smooth and seamless finish for your interior walls. We expertly fill holes, cover exposed joints, and level wall surfaces.

Once the drywall is up in your Utah home, let the layering begin! Drywall needs to be taped and mudded, and it’s important that taping is done correctly the first time around. Tape is used to ensure your walls are smooth and that seams, nail heads and other imperfections can’t be seen after the mudding and painting is complete.

The type of tape you need depends on many factors, including the quality of the drywall installation. Corners and other tough areas may require a special type of tape, such as fiberglass, and extra applications.

mud and tapeTaping is an extremely exacting job that takes a lot of time. Professionals have a bevy of tools to help them do a perfectly smooth taping job. Common tools include various sizes of putty knives for filling in holes and ensuring multiple coats of mudding are flawless. Professionals also use a “potato masher mixer” to quickly hand-mix mud for smaller areas.

There are also pans for disposing of excess mud, clinchers to crimp corner beads (additions to corners to protect them), and trowels to make the mudding of corners and joints go faster.

Drywall Mud Play for Your Utah Home

drywall mud and tapeMud is also known as texturizer, and it’s the last addition to drywall before paint. Mud can create limitless texture options, from the most popular “orange peel” to whatever custom textures you can dream up. A lot of people know (and are traumatized by!) “popcorn ceilings,” the result of an unfortunately popular mudding technique in the 1970s.

Regardless of which mud texture you choose, from loads of playful layers to an elegant smooth texture, the quality of the taping job helps dictate the quality of the mudding. You can’t have good mudding without good taping. Trust only a professional drywall installer to take care of this critical, aesthetic aspect of your drywall project.

Mudding and taping is the foundation and what sets the stage for the most fun part of new walls and ceiling: the paint job.