Drywall Repair

drywall repair

Replace damaged sections of your property’s interior walls or upgrade to high-quality drywall. Top off repairs with a coat of fresh paint.

Have you noticed cracks, tears or other damage in the drywall in your Utah home? Has an inspector flagged a problem with your drywall?

If so, you need proper drywall repair. The good news is that many times, just a small section needs attention and it’s much faster and more affordable to repair that area rather than replace entire sheets of drywall.

This material, unlike plaster, features a seamless paper that rarely sustains damage. Cracks and tears are almost always on the seam where two pieces of drywall meet, and it’s an easy fix. Of course, damage also can occur from an accident, such as a wayward table corner puncturing drywall during a move.

Smaller repairs simply require filling the crack with a compound, then giving it a light sanding after it has dried. Holes wider than 6 inches can be repaired with a number of professional patch kits, and your drywall repair professional knows the perfect one for your unique home.

Newer homes can suffer from “nail pops,” which is what happens when nail heads protrude through the drywall. They’re not dangerous, but they’re unsightly. A professional drywall repair expert can handle anything from major damage to those annoying nail pops and minor cracks.

Professional Drywall Repair by Taylorsville, Utah’s Experts

drywall repair.1If drywall repair is usually so simple, shouldn’t it be a DIY project? Not necessarily, because most homeowners can’t tell exactly how severe the damage is. There might be a crack that extends wholly through the paper, tape may have pulled loose from the drywall, and you may or may not need fiberglass tape to strengthen the area. How many layers of drywall compound you need and knowing which tools are best for each type of repair can all be difficult to guess correctly. Hiring a professional drywall contractor for drywall repair gives you peace of mind and a guarantee.

Drywall damage might not decrease your home’s sturdiness, but it can make a big difference in a home’s value. Trust your drywall repair to local, Utah professionals.