Drywall Texture

drywall textureSpice things up by adding texture to your drywall. Our pro team creates textures by hand with various tools, giving you endless design choices.

Drywall in Utah comes in various textures, and there are two primary methods of installation: manual and “basic hand tool.”

How drywall texture is applied plays a big role in the end result. Some hand tool applications are sprayed on and require a special, more advanced tool to get the desired results. If you have something unique in mind, an expert tradesman is in order. Drywall textures applied by hand, either manually or with basic hand tools, have absolutely no limits.

If you’re just starting to think about drywall texture, research some images to find what you like. The sky’s the limit, whether it’s swirls, orange peel, abstract or another pattern. There are stamps, brushes, pens, trowels, knives, and other tools available to help the tradesman craft your one-of-a-kind texture. The skill of the drywall texture tradesman and your imagination are the only limits, which is why it’s so important to find a reputable drywall tradesman who can bring your dreams to life.


Spray Options for Drywall Texture by Taylorsville, Utah’s Experts

The more custom the texture and the longer it takes, the higher the cost. If drywall texture isn’t a big priority for you, there are plenty of options that are beautiful, quick and affordable. And sprayers offer a number of shapes, brands and sizes to choose from. The basic sprayer features a “hopper” to hold the material, a hose and an air compressor. For big projects, your tradesman might use a machine with a high-powered motor.

Also known as “mud,” the textured material can change based on the type and size of the nozzle, too. If you already have drywall installed with a texture you like, matching textures is one of the toughest parts of drywalling and why homeowners need a professional.

For many homeowners, the classic orange peel texture is the most popular and most affordable. It’s a very slight texture that you see on the majority of new homes and goes well with any type of décor or architecture.

Talk with us today about options and any ideas you may have for a custom “mud job.”