Interior Painting

Decorator's Work Table With Tools for interior paintingRealize your interior design goals by adding the right color to your walls. We use proper brushes and tools to produce smooth, even finishes on your basement projects.

When Utah homeowners think walls and ceilings in their new or renovated home, the first question is often, “What color are we going to paint them?”

First, make sure you have an expert who takes care of drywall installation, taping and mudding. That’s the cornerstone of a great paint job.

When choosing paint, the quality of the paint itself should be a top priority. A drywall and painting company can recommend good brands that will last and require fewer coats (which means lower costs for materials and labor). Some are even stain resistant.

Choosing paint colors can be overwhelming, and it’s difficult to imagine what a full room will look like based on a small sample. It’s always a good idea to paint a generous portion of your wall in the colors you’re considering. Think about your furniture, the mood you want to evoke in each room, the existing architecture and how the paint will look in all lights.

The Right Hue for Your Utah Home’s Interior Painting Project

Studio shot of paint cans

Paint colors will look different in various lights, so consider natural sun, the types of lighting your home has, and whether you want a cool or warm tone. Going with a neutral tone, such as a color in the beige or gray family, is always safe and lovely. Trendier or brighter colors also can be a lot of fun.

It’s relatively easy to change paint colors throughout the years, and it’s one of the simplest ways to drastically alter a room. Darker and brighter colors can make a bold statement, but can make a room appear smaller at times, so consider this when making your choices. The trim also can make a big difference, and contrasting trim with wall/ceiling color is a great way to play up a room’s features.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, talk with us about your goals and expectations. We can help narrow down your choices and go over the benefits of each color and options for glosses, and introduce you to colors that are the perfect complement to your home.